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Turn Your Value Into Profit

I’m often asked, “What’s it take to make the top dollars as a fitness professional?" I'm going to share with you below a simple ladder system that will allow you to stack on more value, and increase your rates and how much you charge for your services as a fitness professional. This Value Ladder System [...]

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  • Network Marketing Biz_1- ARTICLE BANNER

4 Steps How to Choose the Right Network Marketing Company For You

Do you have a bad taste in your mouth about network marketing companies? Still think it's all about getting your friends and family to sign up? Just like not all businesses are created equally, neither are network marketing companies. It's time to change your mindset and see that thanks to online marketing and social media [...]

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  • Keep Your Guests In A Unique Community 1- BANNER ARTICLE

3 Steps to Keep Your Guests In A Unique Community Happy and Staying For More

Does your tribe know your story? Heck, do you even know what your story is? You’ll always hear me teaching on how to tell your story, but that does not mean that I can’t become a better storyteller. Capping myself off and thinking I can’t grow is the fastest way to failure. I am constantly [...]

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  • You're Too Expensive_1- ARTICLE BANNER

Putting Aside the “You’re Too Expensive” Debate

Are you frustrated by the "price" excuse? As fitness professionals, Beachbody coaches, and health care professionals, the #1 struggle I hear about is dealing with the “money issue” from customers. As in, people don’t want to spend money on fitness, or they see your services as too expensive and want more for free or for [...]

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  • Creating Content That Sells 1- ARTICLE BANNER

7- Steps for Creating Content That Sells

Do you have massive amounts of great content, but your bank account isn't growing because of it? The point of putting out quality content is so that you can create enough authority and credibility that it positions you as an expert that people would be willing to buy from you. If your content isn't helping [...]

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  • Grow Your Fitness Business 1-ARTICLE BANNER

Are More Locations The Only Way (Thought) To Grow Your Fitness Business Anymore?

Are you torn between, should I stay in my studio business or getting out of the studio business? I’m going to share 3 ways you can choose to do something about it. If you want. I’m not saying brick and mortar is dead. If you’re going to crush brick and mortar you better have a [...]

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