• Create Your Ideal Business 1-ARTICLE BANNER

6 Steps on How-To Create Your Ideal Business

Are you sick of running a business by the norm? Do you want different as in WAY more, but are just stuck? Too many times, I hear people in our business say they feel like a mouse in a trap- stuck in their pursuit of a reward. Too many times, I run into people year [...]

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  • The Visionary Guide To The Universe

The Visionary Guide To The Universe

It’s been brewing. For the last 3 years things have been shifting. I felt it. I was just not unleashing it fully yet. Then like all great things it came first like a quiet evolution, barely noticed, but taking shape planning for the survival of the fittest. And then it came with a giant push [...]

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  • 5 Freedoms 1- ARTICLE BANNER

AMERICAN DREAM? Do you have it?

Are we in America really the land of the free? I’d argue otherwise. Now more than ever, people are lacking FREEDOM.   They are starved for time. Their finances aren’t progressing. They feel stuck in one location. They’re surrounded by negativity. They feel like they can do more. There are ceilings in the world. We [...]

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  • What'sExpensiveInFitness1- ARTICLE BANNER

Three Ways to Get Out of the “Too Expensive Rut”

>>LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON ITUNES OR WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE!<<   Are you getting caught up and stuck in the objection that people say you are too expensive? I hear you! I came from the fitness industry myself and used to hear that all the time. People didn’t want to pay so they didn’t make [...]

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  • Social Media into Profit 1- ARTICLE BANNER

8 Ways You Can Turn your Social Media into Profit

Are you stuck when it comes to Facebook and running your business? Does the social media world have you pissed off at the market, lost, or feeling like you’ll never be able to reach anyone? Make more sales for your business? People often come to me with questions about Facebook: What do I market? How [...]

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  • ValueIntoProfit1- BLURB 1

Turn Your Value Into Profit

I’m often asked, “What’s it take to make the top dollars as a fitness professional?" I'm going to share with you below a simple ladder system that will allow you to stack on more value, and increase your rates and how much you charge for your services as a fitness professional. This Value Ladder System [...]

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