Baby Bump: 28 Weeks Pregnant

28 Week Bump

How far along are you? 28 weeks – so now I am officially in the third trimester, even though I was counting as being in it last week! I am happy to report that as per my favorite pregnancy app – if/when the baby is born anytime after the end of this week, it has a 95% chance of survival {with medical help!}. I am crossing my fingers we don’t have to deal with any of that until January, but it’s reassuring for me either way.

How I’m feeling: Feeling great! I have definitely gotten my second wind – this past weekend we had houseguests staying with us all weekend and a housewarming/birthday party to throw and I was up late celebrating all weekend feeling fabulous! It was a lot to get everything ready for the party {for the most part} by myself but I am happy I did it – it was a great excuse to spend some quality time with family and friends.


Total weight gain: I am up 13 pounds as per my doctor’s appointment last week, which I feel really good about. I gained 4 pounds since my previous appointment 4 weeks ago, which is right on par with the pound of week my doctor said is normal. I feel really great about my 13 pound weight gain in the 27 weeks of this pregnancy! After my appointment next month I will start with visits every two weeks, which means we are soon approaching the end! Craziness!

Also, during my appointment this month I took the pregnancy glucose test which checks my body for gestational diabetes. I sort of really liked the red juice drink – is that weird? But I am happy to report I passed my test, which is great! I also got a flu shot along with a Rhogam shot since my blood type is RH negative. Needless to say, my arms were a little sore from 2 shots & 2 blood draws this week!

Glucose Test

How big is baby? This week, baby is {at least} weighing in around 2.5 pounds – about the size of an eggplant/chinese cabbage – measuring around 14.8 inches from head to heels. Baby can now blink his eyes, which now have lashes – and he can recognize different levels of light from inside the womb.

Maternity clothes: Ok, ok. I know I said last week that I wasn’t going to buy any more maternity clothes {well, at least I was going to try} BUT with the cooler weather I have found that I don’t have many long sleeve/warmer options – I think I have about 4 long-sleeve shirts. I have been trying my best to layer with wraps  as much as possible, but I saw this comfy, cozy hooded sweatshirt in heathered grey last week and I couldn’t pass it up. And I’ve pretty much been living in it since, but I figured it was necessary and will get it’s money’s worth during the next 84 days I’m sure!

Sleep: Nothing exciting to report. Still getting up to use the bathroom a few times a night, but not as much this past week because I think I was so tired from the party/all the party-prep I was able to sleep in a bit more. Win!

Best moment this week: Celebrating Charles’ 30th with family & friends in our new home.

Week 28

Movement: Baby was SUPER active, especially this weekend. Not sure if it was all the excitement from all the visitors or what but he was definitely making his presence known. My friends were able to see him move around when I was sitting down and most were able to feel a few kicks! I love sharing the movements with friends because it’s such a crazy feeling to feel him moving around in me all day long, it’s nice to let others feel him kicking and turning.

Food cravings: Nothing really specific other than the usual suspects. This past week I was too busy to worry about cravings!

Food aversions: Chicken

What I Miss: Being able to easily bend over to put on socks/tie my shoes. My belly isn’t huge, but it’s getting in the way a little bit more each and every week!


What I’m looking forward to: Seeing my parents in a few weeks. I haven’t seen them since they came up to help us move into our new house, which was now almost a month ago. I won’t be heading down to Virginia again until my baby shower, which is the weekend before Thanksgiving  – over 3 weeks from now! So it will have been 2 months since I last saw my mom & dad – usually this isn’t a crazy big deal, but it’s nice to be able to share my growing bump and my pregnancy with them as much as possible, as it’s their first grandchild {it’s also the first for my in-laws too!}

Milestone: We finally got our new home in working order. Charles & I had a few last minute things to finish this past week before the party that we wanted to purchase/organize/update and it feels good to have {most} everything in it’s spot. We have a few minor things to do but other than that it really feels like a home, which is a good thing. I foresee the next few weeks to include less and less trips to Home Depot/Lowe’s and more time relaxing, enjoying our home together.

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  • Reply Patty O October 29, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    You look adorable, especially in that knit dress! I can’t wait to see you and Baby Brinks either – at least we can spend a week together and I’ll surely pamper you!

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