The Fish Market & Kunstmann Brewery in Valdivia, Chile

The first day of our Chilean vacation in Valdivia started out a little rainy but we didn’t let that get us down. We were still able to explore the city a bit {with our raincoats on!}. We planned on doing a boat tour but since the weather wasn’t cooperating we made our way towards the river to check out the Fish Market which was dry & full of interesting eats.

Fish Market Veggies Fish Market Fish

The fish market was filled with lots of things I had never heard of before {and even more I couldn’t pronounce!} but it was really fun to see. Sort of made me wish we had a kitchen where we were staying so we could whip up something tasty with all this great local produce!

Fish Market ProduceRainy Day Fish Market

My favorite part of the market were these MASSIVE Sea Lions that were in the water right off the market. Some of them had even snuck behind the gate & were being fed scraps from the vendors slicing & dicing up the fresh fish.

Close Up Seals

Seriously, they were so big. And the ones that got behind the gate could have come right up into the street if they wanted to – but they stayed by the water where they were being fed!

They were huge & hung out right along the back of the entire fish market, just waiting for scraps.

Fat Seal

After our visit to the Fish Market we made a stop at the local chocolate factory – Chocolateria Entre Lagos – which was a very tasty trip.

Candy Store

After checking out the Fish Market & Chocolate Shop we made our way to Cervecería Kunstmann, which has a reputation for being the best brewery in Southern Chile.

Kunstmann BeerBeer Faces

I was sad to miss out on all the beer sampling fun, but they did have a nonalcoholic beer option for me to try. At first I wasn’t a fan {apparently the alcoholic ingredient is a pretty big factor for taste} but it wasn’t so bad.

1Non Alcoholic Beer

Check out the beer sample our group tasted – 10 local beers from the Kunstmann Brewery, including a honey & blueberry option which were {apparently} very tasty.

Beer SamplerBrew Pub Love

Me & my little {nonalcoholic} beer sample.


While everyone was enjoying their beer, I ordered up some H20! I got one sin {without} and one con {with} gas – sparkling water makes me happy. Sin and Con Gas

We have a lot more fun things planned over the next week and a half including a trip to the Mountains where we will spend a few days in Huilo Huilo and then back to Santiago where we will be able to celebrate Fiestas Patrias {the Chilean Independence Day} with family & friends!

Stay tuned for more adventures in Chile!


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  • Reply Patty O September 12, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    Those sea lions are massive! Looks like you all had a fun time at the brewery – thanks for sharing! Keep us posted!

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