Baby Bump: 18 Weeks Pregnant

18 Weeks Red Pepper18 Week Bump

How far along are you? I am pleased to say that as of today, I am officially 5 months along!  I am going by this awesome chart I found on Pinterest  {see below} because I am finding it easier to tell people how far along I am in terms of months instead of weeks.

Pregnancy Month and Week Timeline

How I’m feeling: Feeling really good this week. I am almost 100% over my sickness from two weeks ago – still have a bit of a cough – but other than that I have had a ton of energy and have been feeling really great overall. If I spend the day out walking around I notice I get tired fairly quickly & my feet get sore easily but other than that it’s been smooth sailing – Fingers crossed it stays like this!

Total weight gain: Last week I went to the doctor’s office for my monthly check-up {everything looks great!} and she told me I am up 5 pounds so far, which I am really happy with. She told me I should be gaining about a pound a week going forward – I’m not really watching what I eat, I generally eat pretty healthy normally, trying to keep my juices and or smoothies in my daily intake but other than that I feel good about where I am at.

How big is baby? As per all my 5 pregnancy iPhone apps -> Baby is about 5.6 inches and weighs almost 7 ounces {about the size of a bell pepper!} It seems like everything is developed at this point and now is just growing and growing each week. Baby has at this point mastered the art of the yawn and his/her immune system is forming more complex connections. Fun stuff!


Maternity clothes: I have definitely added to my maternity clothes collection a lot this week, which has been lots of fun! I’m at that point where I am mainly wearing my maternity clothes, because they fit well & my belly is popping more and more each week. I spent the past few days down in Virginia visiting my family and friends so it was the perfect time for my mom & I to do some damage getting our shop on & finding me some new goodies. Luckily there are tons of sales at the moment {I’m not really buying anything maternity unless its on sale} so I’ve been adding lots of cute items for my collection and finding some comfy clothes to wear on our upcoming trip!

Sleep: Not doing so well in this department. I was up at 4am & 5am multiple times this week for no reason & lack of sleep and a busy schedule isn’t any fun. But I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier & earlier to make up for it. I generally feel pretty good in the morning & crash in the evening.

Best moment this week: Treated myself to my first Pregnancy massage on a spa date with my good friend Michelle which felt amazing. I also went to the JZ & JT tour for baby’s first concert this week which was pretty cool too and lots of fun!

Movement: Feeling a little more going on in my belly each and every day – especially at night and in the morning when I am laying down in bed. I am counting down the moments until I feel my first official kick! The doctor said it should happen sometime in the next few weeks. I can’t wait!Red Pepper 18 Weeks

Food cravings: Rice Crispy Treats {homemade}, PB & J, Granny Smith Apples. Red Peppers & Hummus, Smoothies

Food aversions: Chicken breast, any jelly that isn’t strawberry {random}

Belly button in or out: In, but getting longer

What I Miss: Not having to pee every 30 minutes

What I’m looking forward to: Baby’s first kicks & finding out if we are having a boy or girl at the end of next week! It seems like that appointment was scheduled forever ago & I find myself re-checking my calendar to assure myself it’s next week – it doesn’t feel like it in the moment, but looking back – time is sure flying by! Can’t wait for our big gender reveal!

Milestone: Did a little nursery shopping with my parents & Charles this past weekend, which was pretty fun. We are waiting until we find out boy or girl before starting all the real baby shopping but just getting ideas gets me so excited for the months ahead!

I am finding I like sharing comparison photos from a month ago to see more growth so here is me at 14 vs 18 weeks. Little bump is poppin’ for sure!

Side note: I miss my tan.

14 vs 18


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  • Reply Catherine August 20, 2013 at 8:18 am

    Yay your bump is so cute! I just found your blog and am excited to follow along with this pregnancy. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Reply Patty O August 20, 2013 at 10:13 pm

    You are looking so cute, baby bump and all! Can’t wait until the Baby Brinkley Reveal!
    It was so much fun seeing you and Jackson for a few days, shopping and just hanging out!

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