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Hi everyone! I’m J and I blog at J’s Everyday Fashion. I’m so honored to be doing a guest post today for And Her Little Dog Too. I love how down-to-earth Leslie is, and I love the reference to the Wizard of Oz because I grew up in Kansas!

My blog, J’s Everyday Fashion, is a how-to blog that teaches women to re-create the looks we see on celebrities and in magazines, how to stay fashionable on a budget, and how to re-work items in your closet. You can think of it as a fashion magazine full to tips and tricks, with pictures of my personal style as illustrations! Today I’m sharing a couple examples of the daily looks I post.

The first example is an outfit that was inspired by an Anthropologie catalog:


Inspiration photo: Anthropologie
Cardigan: H&M, $18
Shirt: Forever 21, $22
Necklace: Forever 21, $8
Belt: American Eagle, $15
Pants: Banana Republic, $14
Shoes: Bandolino/TJ Maxx, $25

The second example is a look I created based on a magazine layout from InStyle magazine:

InStyle layout

Inspiration photo: InStyle magazine
Sweater: Gap, $20
Shirt: H&M, $13
Pants: Gap, $15
Brooch: Banana Republic, $15
Shoes: Endless.com/Restricted, $39
Purse: Juicy Couture
Watch: Michael Kors, Christmas present
Scarf: The Vintage Scarf, $20

The last example is a celebrity look I re-created for a night out:

Rockn Red

Inspiration photo: FabSugar.com
Faux leather jacket: Forever 21, $40
Dress: Forever 21, $30
Tights: Hue/TJ Maxx, $6
Boots: Cynthia Rowley/TJ Maxx, $85
Earrings: Urban Outfitters, $5

Leslie, thanks again for letting me guest blog today. A huge congrats to you on your wedding and honeymoon!

And to everyone reading – I hope you will come visit me at J’s Everyday Fashion! – J.

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