Dry Brushing

Do you dry brush?


Dry Brushing is a technique for exfoliating skin using a dry, natural bristle brush to gently brush the skin. It is also called skin brushing or body brushing.I real about it online the other day and was very intrigued so I figured I would have to try it out for myself!


This technique not only promotes healthier skin by removing dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, but also by stimulating and increasing skin cell production, giving your skin a healthy glow. Dry brushing increases blood flow, circulation and enhances detoxification through the skin – sounds good to me!


Here are a few benefits, techniques and tips I found while doing a little research online. It all sounds pretty awesome – pretty much the cherry on top of the Operation Hot Bride sundae if you ask me!


  • Skin that is healthier and smoother: removing dead skin cells and opening pores to allow them to “breath” and absorb nutrients.
  • Stimulated lymphatic and circulatory systems: boosting your immune system and increasing circulation to help detoxify.
  • Stress relief: increasing your blood flow reduces stressed areas of the body and stimulates nerve endings in your skin which in turn rejuvenates your nervous system.
  • Reduced cellulite: increasing blood circulation to the skin helps break down and releases toxins that cause cellulite in legs and hips.


The Dry Brushing Process

  1. Start with your feet, moving in soft circular movements (always moving towards the heart) first on the bottom of the feet, and then on the top.
  2. Work up each leg, one at a time, first the back of the leg (always towards the heart) up through the bottom and then the front of the leg.
  3. After you are finished with the lower half, start at the fingertips of one arm; move up the arm (palms of hands, back of hands, forearm, bicep) and towards the heart.
  4. Move to the back working your movements towards your stomach, starting and finishing with one side of the back and then the other.
  5. When you get to your stomach, start at your lower abdomen and work your way up and end at your chest in an upward stroke.
  6. Rinse off and shower as normal.


Skin brushing Tips

  • Avoid the face and delicate parts of the skin! While dry brushing is excellent for exfoliating skin, this body brush will be too rough for the delicate skin areas.
  • It’s sometimes best to dry brush in the shower (with the water off)

I am always up for trying anything and everything so when I found my new dry brush at my friendly neighborhood Whole Foods the other day I was very excited to try it out for myself!

Do you dry brush? Do you have any tips or tricks to add to my little list? Let me know what you think!

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