DIY Chai Tea Misto a la Starbucks

Thanks so much for your thoughts and suggestions for my wedding hair trial! I am so excited for this Saturday! Now on to other news:

I blame my new gig for evolving my love for Starbucks – I am not a coffee drinker but after a few recent trips to the ‘bucks I have a new favorite drink – a Chai Tea Misto. The only thing is, I don’t want to have to pay $2.50 for it on a daily basis, so I did a little research and upon further conversations with Sabrina, I found THIS:


The AeroLatte milk frother!


The aerolatte is a steam free milk frother so I can make my beloved Chai Tea Misto at home!


All I need is some milk and a chai tea bag.  DSC_0336

I heated up some milk in the microwave in a bowl then got my aerolatte on!


I was worried it was going to make a mess, but it totally didn’t! Easy Peasy!


I added a bit of hot water to the bottom of my reusable to-go cup


Then topped it off with the frothed milk


Let my tea bag steep for a few minutes


And I was good to go!


Check out all that froth! I love it!


I am LOVING my new milk frother, I know I am going to use it all the time. I picked it up at Bed Bath & Beyond for $15 so it was pretty reasonable – I always love a fun new appliance!


Now what should I do with all that money I am going to be saving now that I won’t be going to the ‘bucks all the time for my favorite drink? I am feeling a shopping trip coming on…I mean I need new Honeymoon clothes, right? 🙂


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