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I am not talking about the Michael Jackson song (but do I have it stuck in your head now?) – I am referring to PYT – the burger joint, bar and lounge in the Northern Liberties area of Philadelphia. I went there the other day for dinner with a bunch of friends, because I have been craving burgers like woah (probably due to the fact that I have been working out like crazy for my new job) and because I had a fun little Groupon to use!


The word on the street is PTY makes a pretty mean burger, so I had to check it out for myself! There were so many awesome burger choices on the menu (there was loads of other good stuff too), but I was in the mood for a burger!


After I ordered my dinner, I check in on FourSquare and something amazing happened!


Your first check in at PYT gets you a free draft beer! WIN!

(I heart FourSquare! Do you use it?)


While we waited for our meals, more beers were enjoyed.


And then my glorious burger came.


I got the PYT burger – meat, cheese, lettuce, onions, bacon and special sauce. I was in the mood to EAT!


Seriously, this was yummy!


I don’t eat much meat, but when my body wants it, I deliver! And what’s a burger without a side of fries and a pickle?



Do you see the look of delight in my face?


Pure burger eatin’ joy going on right here!

 DSC_3875 DSC_3876

Seriously, I hope I look this happy on my wedding day! 🙂


The boys enjoyed their meals too. I think my first PYT experience was a good one. I also learned from the menu and from Lauren that they make pretty fun adult beverages here and late night it becomes a fun place to dance!


I think our little group will have to come back here for more burgers, adult beverages and dancing one night!


I have enjoyed a few burgers recently around Philadelphia – some of my favorites being at Dandelion as well as 500 DegreesDo you have a favorite place to enjoy a hamburger?


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