CakePop CopyCat

Look what I found at Starbucks!


Look familiar?


In one hand its pretty cool that the ‘bucks has this little 150 calorie treat. On the other hand its kind of annoying that they jumped on the cake pop Bakerella bandwagon. I know she didn’t invent them, but they are more hers than Starbucks, don’t you agree?


It was mighty tasty though – but I still think my Cake Balls were best! I wish I could make a batch of these now, but I am trying to hold off because of Operation: Hot Bride! Got to keep everything in moderation! 🙂


A little snackeroo with a side of passion tea – I love this stuff!

IMG_0518 IMG_0519

I have a big day ahead of me! 3-4 classes in the morning at various studios and gyms in South Jersey followed by some beautification time before the big weekend ahead


What do you think of Starbuck’s new treats?

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