And Her Little Virginia Bridal Shower Too!

This weekend I attended my Bridal Shower in Virginia and it was AMAZING!



Family friends and my bridesmaids threw the party for me, so I had no idea of anything going on or any of the details that were involved with the shower. I really liked that aspect of the party because walking into it everything was a complete surprise to me – it made everything that much more special!


Everyone did an amazing job with the party details. My mom was excited to place this picture of me age 3 on the cake table.


I was also super excited to see cookies with our engagement picture on them – seriously, how cool is that?



And the wedding bell favors were so sweet – Each bell chimed a different tune

9250229430105 DSC_3554DSC_36038150229430105

Did I mention the fact that the cake was out of control?


Seriously, does it get any more gorgeous than that?


I love the glitter on the blue and the calla lilies.


The cake was created by Cakes by Mandy – brought to us by the Cannon Connection – she did some amazing work.

DSC_3606 DSC_3555

Another cool little touch that both my parents provided was the towel cake they created. It is made of white towels, covered in lace and then decorated with some flowers that will be in the wedding!


I heart my towel cake!


It turned out looking fabulous – I can’t believe that my dad and my mom made this for me!


And check out these flowers for the centerpiece.

DSC_3587 DSC_3588

Just gorgeous.


After everyone arrived it was time to eat!


There were lots of great food options but I was almost too excited and too busy talking to everyone to eat.


Luckily I had an awesome team of photographers lined up to photograph the day for me – Thanks to Emily, Leslie and all my briedsmaids who snapped pics


Some of the food included a lovely spread of fruit – the mango was amazing!


A cheese plate with some of my favorite cheeses.


A massive salad filled with lots of greens.


As well as my favorite – DC Chicken Salad.


Everyone enjoyed the food! There was barely anything leftover!

And there were some salty and sweet snacks to munch on as well. Raw almonds and M&M’s are my favorites!


Along with some fabulous eats there was also an incredible champagne punch. It was seriously amazing! Recipe coming soon!


Before I knew it, it was time to sit in my special chair and enjoy some presents and games!


7318429430105 9450229430105

One of the first games the bridesmaids had organized for the shower was called – Say Yes to the Dress –> where you are given a roll of toilet paper (or two) and you have to make a wedding gown!


It may sound a little silly, but it was a lot of fun. Being the bride, I got to judge who was “Best Dressed” in their toilet paper gown and it was great to watch everyone create their outfits.



It looked like people were having a great time creating their dresses!

DSC_3610 DSC_3611 DSC_3612


They turned out pretty cute! Toilet paper is hard to work with!


After playing with toilet paper it was time to open some presents. For me this was both awesome and awkward! Who doesn’t love getting presents? I love that part, but for me its a little weird with everyone watching me open gifts.

79447294301051795729430105 1995729430105

After opening about half the presents we had a little intermission and the bridesmaids read me the Bridal Shower Panty Poem.

3054729430105 (1)1816729430105

Then it was time for more presents! Everything was very organized – Michele and Michelle were in charge of the bow-bouquet, Aileen was the secretary and wrote down what was from who, and Kate helped me with the presents!


The mother of the bride and groom sat next to me and enjoyed the show.


Lots more fun presents were opened

38167294301054716729430105 4895729430105 

And I even got a little weepy when I read my mom’s card and opened her gift.


Love you mom!


After all the presents were opened it was time for more pictures!


Mother –Daughter Love


Future Sister-In-Law, Kate and Mother-In-Law


With the Michel(l)e’s




And Aileen and I – she is my little in our sorority (Delta, Delta, Delta)


My Maid of Honor Michele finalized my bow-bouquet which I will have with me during our rehearsal dinner. She tells me that if I rip and tear the bows that means Charles and I will have lots of kids!

Anyone else do the bow-bouquet? Is it a Virginia thing?


With my bridal party – Love you girls!


And the mom’s!


We even got a big group shot of everyone at the party!


After our photoshoot it was time to cut the cake!

DSC_3635DSC_3636 DSC_3637DSC_3640DSC_3643

I had been waiting all day to eat cake!


It was marble and delicious!

DSC_3649 DSC_3650


Towards the end of the party the men arrived! My dad and Charles stopped by to say hello!


With the groom-to-be


And the parents.


The guys were in charge of loading up the cars!


It was an amazingly, incredible awesome day. I had a great time with family and friends and it even made me just THAT more excited for the wedding (if its even possible to get more excited!)

A huge thank you/blog shout out go to Pat, Carol and Marjorie for throwing me the shower. You all are amazing! Also thanks to Nan for the cookies and champagne punch – both were delish!

Thanks to everyone who came to help me celebrate and a special thanks to my mom and dad for making the day even more fabulous!


I can’t wait for my shower in Philadelphia next weekend to celebrate with friends and family up here! I am one lucky bride-to-be!

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