Vitamin C

With the help of my new juicer I have been bringing lots of extra fruits and veggies in my diet. Today I decided to bring some extra Vitamin C into my life. With fiancé fighting off a cold last week I decided to make a lovely juice full of cuties (small baby oranges) and a grapefruit.


Oranges and grapefruits or things with thick peels have to be taken off before juicing which is kind of a pain, but pretty much everything else can just be tossed in the juicer after a quick little wash.


But I love the frothy, citrusy goodness that comes out after a little peeling effort!


In Crazy, Sexy Diet – Kris Carr recommends enjoying a diet with lots of Alkaline friendly foods because they give us energy and (generally) have lower sugar content . Grapefruits are acidic but have an alkalizing affect on our bodies


Juicing makes me happy!


Today I am working in the morning and then heading down to Virginia for a few days. My mom and I have a bunch of wedding things to cross off our list and we are going on the hunt for a rehearsal dinner dress too! I am also dropping Jackson off for a week with my parents because Fiancé and I are going skiing this weekend! Is it Thursday yet??


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