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This past weekend while I was in Chicago for the marathon I was given the opportunity to go on a Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour with Chicago Food Planet Tours.

I love food tours! I recently went on a Chocolate Tour in Philadelphia with my mom and before that the Foods of New York Greenwich Tour with Aileen. I think they are a great way to see a city and learn about some great places to eat!

I was excited about going on a food tour in Chicago because there were so many different places we were going to check out with lots of different eats! I was also pumped to check out a different area of the city I hadn’t been to yet.

chi 277

Our first stop on the tour was Ashkenaz Deli where the tour had set up for us a little make your own reuben station.

chi 267

This was my first time trying a reuben, I had a few bites and it was pretty tasty.

chi 268 chi 269

Everyone loved their sandwiches!

chi 271chi 275 chi 272

It was a great first stop on the tour.

chi 278

Next up we went to my favorite stop on the tour – Tea Gschwender.

chi 281chi 286

Here we tried a sample of some of their fabulous iced tea.

chi 288

It was amazing – the perfect treat to cool off during a warm day!

chi 290 chi 291

While we sipped on our tea, we learned a lot about tea and we got to smell lots of different flavors too!

Loose leaf tea rules!

chi 318

chi 285chi 296

chi 322 chi 325

While we sipped on our tea we walked to our next stop on the tour.

chi 349

I did a little double fisting too. Best tea ever!

chi 340 chi 352

Next up we stopped in front of an major spot in history-

chi 355

Ok, maybe not a major historical spot, but I thought it was pretty cool. Any guesses on what this is?

chi 353chi 354

If you guessed –

The Original PlayBoy Mansion

You guessed right!

chi 356

chi 357chi 365

I think in another life all 3 of us would have been bunnies! Don’t the bunny ears look good on us?!

chi 366

That was a fun pit stop! After that we continued on our way and took in the gorgeous scenery.

chi 371

We made our way into the Old Town area.

chi 372chi 374chi 373

And we ended up in The Spice House

chi 396 chi 398

We headed into a garden in the back of the shop and learned a little about some of the spices and seasoning offered there.

chi 399chi 404chi 402

We learned about lots of different types of cinnamon.

chi 420

chi 421

We had sweet cinnamon and spicy cinnamon! Both yummy!

chi 423chi 425chi 426

Next we hit up Old Town Oil which was my second favorite spot on the tour! I never thought I could get so excited about oil!

chi 429

chi 432

They had SO MANY different types of oils and vinegars. All sorts of different flavors for you to try!

chi 433 chi 434 chi 436

I tried a bunch of different types of oils and vinegars. They were all so yummy!

chi 437

My favorite was the Blood Orange oil. It was amazing!

chi 438

Then we went down the street to The Fudge Pot.

chi 439 chi 441 chi 444

There we got to try some awesome toffee. I had a few samples! 🙂

chi 483

I heart chocolate. Nom Nom Nom.

chi 485

We then began to walk off some of that chocolate and eventually passed by the famous Second City. Coolness!

chi 490

After chocolate comes pasties from Delightful Pastries

chi 494chi 495 chi 497 chi 498

Here we had some savory and sweet treats. Perogies and pastries! Yum!

chi 504

Did I mention it was a beautiful day in Chicago for this tour?

chi 507

We loved walking around the city checking out all the fun scenery.

chi 508chi 509 chi 511 chi 512

chi 513chi 518

The houses in this area are so pretty!

chi 521

I want to live in an area where my mailbox has pretty flower boxes on each side! How cute is this?

chi 522 chi 523 chi 525

chi 526chi 531

We then made our way along Oz Park where statues from The Wizard of Oz outline the park. Obviously I love anything The Wizard of Oz – It is where the name of my blog comes from!

We did a little posing with some of the characters.

chi 538chi 540

And then we hit up the last leg of our tour – What’s a Chicago Food Tour without some deep dish pizza?

chi 542

I love me some Chicago deep dish and Bacino’s did not disappoint!

chi 530

This spinach deep dish was delightful!

chi 549 chi 554

Nom Nom Nom!

chi 555

I may or may not have had pizza every day during my trip last week!

chi 559

Thank you so much to Chicago Food Planet Tours for this awesome tour! It was so fun to walk around the North End and try out some amazing eateries! Our guide was awesome, the route was awesome, a great time was had by all!

If you could go on a food tour anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?

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  • Reply Veggies, Cake & Cocktails October 13, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    I fell in love with Old Town Oil the very first time I stepped foot in the place. The garlic olive oil and japepeno white balsalmic viniger are amazing!

    Aren't those food tours run. I went on the Wicker park tour a couple weeks ago and had a blast!

  • Reply ladypurpl October 13, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    Food tours are so much fun! I'd like to do a food tour in Italy, taste cheese, pizza, and of course the wine.
    It's really fun when you get to see different parts of a city.

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