Lots of Laps

Today Kate and I took the next step in our triathlon training. We went to the Greater Plymouth Community Center and took on our 1/2 mile swim in an actual pool!

We have both been swimming in our apartment complex pools, which are less than half the size of a actual pool. Kate and I were both loosing our minds a little bit swimming back and forth, and back and forth and back and forth in our little pools.

swim 036

Kate did a little research and found out that for a mere $7, we could come and swim in the community center pool for the day. That price is totally worth it for us to feel more comfortable swimming the half a mile distance in the triathlon next weekend!

swim 002

The swimming area was really big. It was separated into a kid pool area, complete with a massive water slide, and a lap swimming area. I was just happy to be separated from the screaming and splashing children. I was all business at the pool today!

swim 003

Its really nice that this lap swim area is always up for people to use.

swim 004

Kate and I were excited to get into the water! 

swim 007

I was feeling a little silly too!

swim 008

Meet my lane for the next 1/2 mile! Isn’t she a beauty?

swim 009swim 017

We were a bit confused about the distance we had to swim because we had read different things online and then the lifeguards were telling us different things, but in the end we both know that we definitely did more than a 1/2 mile in the pool today!

swim 033

Swimming burns some serious calories!

swim 034

And its such a nice option to have when switching things up a bit. I like to give my legs, muscles and joints a rest from pounding the pavement every once in a while!

swim 035  

It was hard getting into the groove the first lap or two, but then I started to feel the flow and the laps were flying by!

swim 018

The one thing that was an issue that definitely slowed us down were the turns! Kate reminded me that the Schuylkill River won’t have walls for us to kick off of or anything, so we each turned around after each lap without touching the wall. It was hard to be gliding and then come to a complete stop, turn around and then get back going again!

swim 023swim 015 

We are hoping that the current in the Schuylkill will help us at one point though, specifically towards the end!

swim 016

After we completed our laps we did a few extra laps for fun. We had a paddleboard and did some kicks and worked on our strokes.

  swim 019swim 010     

It was nice to complete the race distance and still feel really great swimming farther in the water!

swim 014 swim 022

It was also nice to just have some fun playing around in the water!

   swim 025 swim 026swim 027swim 012

Kate and I had a great time getting our swim on today! We have plans to come back next week at least once, maybe twice more before the big race on Sunday!

swim 031

Do you have any swimming pointers for us? I feel comfortable swimming in a pool, but swimming in murky river water with unknown creatures below makes me nervous.  It’s going to be a whole new world in that water! Any words of wisdom?

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  • Reply ~Mrs. Guru~ July 22, 2010 at 10:36 pm

    How fun!

  • Reply ladypurpl July 22, 2010 at 11:11 pm

    Kate and Leslie, good job! Wear your tank suit, maybe a swim cap on your head and possibly ear plugs, and of course, goggles! Above all, don't drink the water!

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