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Hello there! My name is Christie and I am the author of the blog Honoring Health, which chronicles my journey to recovery from binge eating disorder through yoga and intuitive eating. I adore blogging and it has become and essential part of who I am so when Leslie opened up her doors for guest posting, I jumped at the chance. I am thankful for this opportunity to share a little piece of myself with you all here on “And Her Little Dog Too”.

A big part of my life is my yoga practice and it thrills me beyond words to share that passion with others. I love yoga for a number of reasons and think that there is a little something for everyone who wants to step on the mat. I could surely just write a list of the benefits of yoga but that just isn’t my style. I’d much rather share with you how my practice has changed my life and offered me a place of solace in an otherwise chaotic world.

I started my practice a couple of years ago with my heart rate monitor safely secured to the inside of my sports bra. At the time, I was in the depths of my eating disorder and was merely looking for another way to burn calories. Within moments of the class beginning, my HRM watch started to beep to alert me of my low heart rate. Apparently, I wasn’t in the target heart rate zone that my watch had predetermined. The teacher took the watch away from me and shoved it under a pillow in the lobby and made a comment about watches and energy flows. I wasn’t sure what to think but soon enough, I was in a zone that I never knew existed.

As time has passed, my practice has meant so much to me. It taught me a level of self awareness that I never knew existed as well as teaching me that standing on my head is just as fun as it is scary. Each time I step upon my mat, I learn something new about myself and how the person I am on the mat is the person I am away from my mat. Some days I am afraid to practice, to move forward and accept what ever may come my way. And some days, I can’t get to the mat fast enough, grabbing life by the horns and ringing out ever moment I can. And then there are days where my mat sits in a corner, wrapped tightly amongst itself, just waiting for life to happen.

All of these lessons have taught me how to be who I am and I am thankful for these moments. These moments that have molded into the person I am today, the person that embraces mind, body and spirit with awareness and an open heart.

Do you practice yoga? Why or why not?

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