Britney Spears in Philly Part 4

Best Concert Ever! High Five’s all around!

itsbritneybitch 137   

Here are some pictures from Britney’s final songs. I love those hot red spandex pants! Got to get me some of those!

itsbritneybitch 127 itsbritneybitch 128

And check out the heels on those boots! Ow Ow!

itsbritneybitch 130 

We may or may not have had one two many beers in this picture!

itsbritneybitch 133

Britney rocking out to her last song! Work it girl!

itsbritneybitch 142  PS- HUGE shout out to Noodles for picking us up from the concert! Thanks Noodles! He was nice enough to come and drive all 3 of us home after our night of fun at Britney! We had to walk a little ways to meet up with him.

During our mini walk, more shenanigans took place!  

itsbritneybitch 147   itsbritneybitch 150 itsbritneybitch 151

Do you like my souvenir hat I got? I am kind of in love with it!

itsbritneybitch 149itsbritneybitch 217

Now I can represent Britney all the time!

itsbritneybitch 218

I am sure you are all pretty sick of all my Britney recaps. If you want to see some really AMAZING concert pictures of Britney, check out the Best Night of My Life Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. If you are bored at work these will totally entertain you! They are all pictures from when I went to her concert in DC earlier this year and sat FRONT ROW! Woop Woop!

Stay tuned, next post will be another fabulous giveaway!

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  • Reply Jules September 2, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    I looked at all of your pics and it looks like you ladies had a great time!

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