Britney Spears in Philly Part 1

What a beautiful night for a Britney Spears concert!

itsbritneybitch 019

Here we are in our seats waiting for the action to start.

 itsbritneybitch 020

Showing off the shirts!

itsbritneybitch 021

I loved the countdown letting us know when the show was going to start! A girl and a boy band, both of which I have never heard of before opened for Britney. In DC when I saw her, the Pussycat Dolls opened for her and it was awesome! The set up in DC was different. There were no screens up top for people to see the show from high up, but for Philly they added screens! Good call!

itsbritneybitch 022

Before Brit Brit comes out there are a bunch of side show circus acts that come out to entertain. The first was  this couple that was doing all sorts of crazy stuff on the trampoline. The young woman had no legs, and she was just amazing.

itsbritneybitch 023 itsbritneybitch 026

This girl was doing all sorts of crazy flips and jumps on this wooden pole. It was great!

itsbritneybitch 028itsbritneybitch 027   

This dude was flipping himself around on a hula hoop!

 itsbritneybitch 033itsbritneybitch 034 

This chick was doing all sorts of crazy stuff with what looked like a bazillion hula hoops! These side show acts were completely different from what I saw in DC. It was a nice change! They got some great acts

itsbritneybitch 038 

And then Queen Perez came on the big screen and welcomed Britney!

itsbritneybitch 040

<insert lots of high pitched screams here>

itsbritneybitch 042 

All the costumes were different from the DC show. It was great!

itsbritneybitch 044 itsbritneybitch 045 

There was lots of pole dancing going on! Haha.

itsbritneybitch 049   

Our seats weren’t front row like last time, but they were still pretty good. I got some good pictures but this time I spent more time enjoying the show than going nuts with the camera!

itsbritneybitch 052 itsbritneybitch 053  

More of my Britney concert recap coming your way!

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  • Reply amanda August 31, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    her special effects are killer!!

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