Rainy Beach Day

Mich and I got in around 11:00 last night, not too bad. It was raining the whole drive down here, and it’s been raining all morning. It’s cool, we were expecting this. We are going to make today a shopping day! Woohoo! Tanger Outlets in Rehoboth Beach is down the road from us, so we are going to head down there today. Of course with a girls beach weekend, there is going to be shopping involved. PLUS, my birthday is next Friday. One week away! 25….scurrs me! 

I went on a rainy run this morning. I woke up and did a little 2.5 miles around Bethany Bay. I did it without technology again. Felt good to just run in the rain. I loved it. When I came back, Mich was up waiting for me. We did a little of Polly’s Yoga for Hips #2. Felt great after a run. I love Polly’s Yoga!

Then it was time for some breakfast. I had a little visit from the peanut butter fairy this week, and I brought it with me on my beach trip. P.B. loco sent me two jars of their fabulous peanut butter. The first one they sent me was Peanut Butter with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Ummm….O.M.G. This peanut butter may have been sent down from the heavens. It smelled like ice cream because of the cookie dough, but it had the warm smoothness of peanut butter. It tasted fantastic. I am going to have to use all my self control not to eat this entire jar this weekend. It was a peanut butter/chocolate surprise in each bite. You didn’t know which it was going to taste more like. YUM!

mas pics 914mas pics 913 

I enjoyed the peanut butter with on an English muffin, topped with some fabulous bananas! It was heaven. I love that they call P.B. Loco the ‘adult peanut butter’

Do not enter if you are not 18  – Some P.B.Loco flavors may be too intense for younger taste buds. If you have parents or guardians, they should be looking over your shoulder.

Love it! They have some fabulous flavors!

mas pics 916

My Sound Sleep Giveaway ends today! Last chance to enter. I will announce the winner tonight!

Also, MixMyGranola has added a brand new product line called “Enhancers” which add an extra boost to your granola: Need to Detox? Give yourself a Pomegranate Shot. Want a Vitamin Boost? Treat yourself to a Vita Cherry Booster. I totally want to check these out! Such a good idea. They have 16 different powders to choose from: Caffeine, Acia Berry, Green Tea, Cacao, and Bee Pollen to name a few. The Enhancers add more vitamins and energy to your granola mix! Cool stuff!

mixmygranolalogo.jpg image by thedirtyshirtblog

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  • Reply Sarah W. June 5, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    jealous of that pb! the raspberry white choco sounds even better 🙂

  • Reply healthy ashley June 5, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    The "adult PB".. that is hysterical! It looks amazing!

    And NO WAY! Rehoboth Beach? My aunt lives there and I have been to those outlets! That just makes me so happy :)I was there last December and loved it. DE has some gorgeous places.

    I received the gym soap and your lovely package this morning. Thank you SO MUCH 🙂 You made my Friday!

  • Reply Anne June 6, 2009 at 2:03 am

    I LOVE that PB! My ultimate favorite from them is the raspberry white chocolate. It's to die for!

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