Today was a much better day than yesterday, that’s for sure! I got my hair did, ran some other errands, and did my laundry! Crazy Thursday night over here!  At least I get to watch So You Think You Can Dance while I launder!

The lovely folks over at Win Detergent sent me something to deal with my stinky clothes post running/working out! What a good idea! A detergent specifically for your workout clothes. If you think about it, you wear and sweat in your running/gym clothes so much differently, and they get so much more dirty than clothes you wear on a daily basis to the mall or a job. It just makes sense to wash your workout clothes differently with more of a target to the bacteria that builds up. I love the little note Tara sent me along with the detergent. It rhymes!mas pics 242

Here is why you need Win:

Most liquid detergents do not target embedded odors and even after gym clothes are washed, these odors stay entrenched in the fibers. After a few workouts, even the best high tech fabrics typically develop a musty odor. This is caused by bacteria attracted to sweat soaked fabric.  mas pics 238

How Win Works:

Using a unique technology, Win Detergent’s scientifically designed super oxygenated system directly targets offensive odors and stains. This powerful oxy cleaning technology eliminates the embedded sweat molecules and odors that overwhelm the fabric. Simultaneously, these same ingredients also react with soil and organic materials causing them to either decolorize or disintegrate. Once in a soluble form after oxidization, dirt and odors easily wash away mas pics 240

PS – I love this picture of Jackson in the background! What a little boy!

I used Win on my workout clothes from this week, specifically with my clothes from my 12 mile run in mind. They all came out smelling great and feeling fresh and clean. I think this is a great product to use, especially on nice workout gear because that stuff gets expensive, and washing it in the right product designed for those types of clothes, will keep them nicer longer!

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  • Reply Anne May 22, 2009 at 2:54 am

    Ooh, I totally need this! I sweat a lot when I workout, and my workout clothes can get kinda stanky… I have nice tech clothes, so I should definitely try something like this. Thanks for the review!

  • Reply 3rd Wave Inc May 22, 2009 at 3:06 am

    Buying quality organic products is the initial move to a healthy, natural, green lifestyle that can bring a good feeling not only to ourselves but as to our environment as well.

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