Atlantis Recap: Waterworks

The water slides, the lazy river, and the aquarium that surrounds the resort are just a few of my favorite things at Atlantis.

The aquarium, or The Dig, as it is called there, is truly spectacular. It encompasses the entire Royal Towers, and is just filled with so many beautiful sea creatures, I could spend all day just walking around there. There is a predator pool with baby sharks, massive sting rays flying around, and just all sorts of fish close up right in front of your face. The aquarium is open at the top, so the natural sunlight shines down and lights everything up naturally. Its breathtaking.

The water rides are also awesome. I am a wimp and am afraid of the fully enclosed tunnel slides, so I stick to the open aired tube slides, which are just perfect for me. Boyf loves the tunnel one through the shark tank! My favorite part of the water fun is the lazy river, which you could just sit in all day and never get bored. It takes about 35 minutes to go all the way around it, and there are different paths to take, its so fun!

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