Just Saying"Hi" & Some Addicting TV

Greetings! Just got back from my travels. I have a current list of 12+ posts I want to write about in the blog, but I am currently unable to do so because I am exhausted from vacay and need to rest. Luckily I have tomorrow off (YAY President’s Day!!!) so hopefully I can catch up on a few things. I took 500+ glorious pictures, so I have a lot to share. Stay Tuned! Until then, let me leave you with a little diddy I learned to love on the Walt Disney World Resort TV. This show was on 24/7 in my room. I couldn’t get enough of Stacey and her Top 7 Must Sees at WDW. Staceys top line may be “Bankin’ Tight Corners.” Ok, maybe you think this is stupid now, but watch it on repeat for a few hours, and possibly fall asleep to it and then come talk to me. More Tomorrow!

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