Pretzel Park, Pa

The results are in, one of Jackson’s favorite dog parks in the Philadelphia area is the Pretzel Park in Manayunk. If you need a nice fenced in park to take your pup, this is a great option, and its a hop skip and a jump from Main Street Manayunk. (and if you are on Main Street in the Yunk, please Please PLEASE you must visit my new favorite eatery….The Couch Tomato Cafe) Seriously, The Couch Tomato is so good, I am getting hungry for pizza and hummus salad right now, I may have to finish up this posting and go eat there.

Another great option for dog parks in the suburbia area outside of Philadelphia is the Harford Park in Wayne. This is an off the leash dog park. Its a huge area and anytime Jackson and I go there, tons of dogs of all shapes and sizes are there. He loves it, but since he is a smaller guy, sometimes I feel he is intimidated by the vast openness. Anytime we go there he enjoys himself, as long as the big rottweilers don’t bother him.

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