Movie Review: Sex & The City Movie

I have been looking forward to this movie FOREVER. I am a huge SATC fanatic and seriously COULD NOT WAIT for this to come out. I watched the Oprah special on the movie when all the girls were there, and it made me even more excited to see how hyped up everyone in the audience and even Oprah was. So my roommate Jill and I went to see SATC on a glorious Friday afternoon, but we made an event out of it. We started off by picking up some treats at Edwards Freeman for during the movie. Always a fun little trip. Then we headed over to Bahama Breeze for their lunch special and some celebratory cocktails before the flick. I got their new fruit mojitos (a strawberry and a mango) and Jill got pina coladas. It was fabulous. For even more of a celebration, we were naughty and brought cosmo’s into the movie with us.

OK THE MOVIE: I don’t know why the reviews on this were not off the charts, because I loved Loved LOVED this movie. It was everything I could have hoped for. There was no point in the movie where I thought anything was put in unnecessarily. The story was perfectly on par with the rest of the television episodes and took place exactly four years from the finale. I thought they did an excellent job of giving the background of all the characters bringing them up to date. Seriously, I thought it was wonderful, I laughed, I cried, actually I cried the whole movie, sometimes out of sadness, sometimes out of joy, but it was great. Without giving anything away, I suggest you see it! GO NOW!

Best. Movie. Ever.

I want to see it again this weekend! And post movie for more SATC fun, Jill and I hit up Nordstrom’s for some fabulous shopping. I purchased some freaking fabulous Stewart Weitzman shoes in honor of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda.

Woop Woop!

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