The One-Hour Fitness Professional Marketing Plan

Does a one-hour fitness professional marketing plan exist? Now, while a true marketing plan takes weeks, months, even years to fine tune, you don’t need that right away in order to start crushing your business, helping more people get fit, and ramping up your income. Not unlike “5-minute abs,” everyone is looking for a quickContinue Reading

Creating More Fitness Content Without Adding More Time

Recycling For the Win! In my companies, I have to create a ton of content each and every day. Most of the content is for my clients, whether it’s clients at the studio, fitness professionals using my systems, or on my blog and newsletter list, or coaches on my Beachbody team. I’m often asked howContinue Reading

What Does It Take To Get Fitness Professionals Going?

What Does It Take To Get Fitness Professionals Going?? “Enthusiasm Makes All The Difference” ~ Norman Vincent Peale As I write this article, I am one day away from my 13-year anniversary in the fitness industry and 12-year anniversary moving to California from New York City. My story is unique because when I got intoContinue Reading

4 Ways to Protect Your Fitness Business From “Lone Wolf Syndrome”

I often present and speak to fit pros about something I call “Lone Wolf Syndrome” which is when someone operates alone out in the wilderness of business and life alone. Lone Wolf Syndrome is the single biggest reason why most fitness professionals fail. Why is this important to avoid? You are going to face struggle,Continue Reading

5 Tips to Storm Your Personal Purpose

It’s been a whirlwind month with tons going on and I got some top tips from Beachbody Summit 2014 from the likes of Darren Hardy, Diana Nyad, Tony Horton, Carl Deikler and more… But, first grab your Spartan Shields and look to your left and look to your right; who are you protecting? Are youContinue Reading

Hot Tips to Grow Your Business

Hot Tips to Grow Your Business

Getting Some Clarity In Your Business! Just this past week, I grabbed all my top people at the gym and suggested that we have a clarity day. Now, your first reaction might be, “What the heck is a clarity day?” Let me explain, a clarity day is when you gather all the key people inContinue Reading

In the Trenches: The Crystal Ball

In the Trenches: The Crystal Ball

Welcome to the precipice of the greatest fitness industry shift since Jack LaLanne. Make no mistake about it: this is the eve of destruction, a giant bubble about to pop. And don’t listen to those academics who teach at conferences but who haven’t owned a studio, juggled to make a payroll call, or had toContinue Reading

Getting Ahead At The Speed of Light with Fitness Business Coaching

I want to talk to you straight, no BS, from one entrepreneur to another. You deserve the skillset to know how to get ahead in your life and in your business at the speed of light. Of which I’ll share two of the best strategies below. Here’s the reality…in our industry already and in allContinue Reading

Fitness Profit Systems Marketing Tip: How To Improve Your Email Open Rate 200%

Get More Client, Make More Money With 4 Action Steps to Effective Email Marketing Do you wish that WAY more people would just open up your emails because you KNOW that what’s inside is going to help make a difference in their life?! Of course, we all do. When you sit down to crank outContinue Reading

How To Capture More Leads From Your Website in 6 Seconds

Do you want to capture more leads from your website? Of course you do, you want to grow your business and you understand that growing your email list is like stacking your own ATM machine. But, did you know that 6 seconds is the average attention span to capture the interest of your audience beforeContinue Reading