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If you're looking to grow your Brand, make more money, and become a Fitness Visionary so you can build a Brand you love and deserve! Then you’re in the right place!

I created the The Fitnesspreneur's Life site to help create a better life and Vision for those serving in the fitness and wellness industries.

If you're in the fitness and health care industry and you want to take the Vision you have for your Brand (and income) to the next level, I'm glad you're here!

I like to consider myself the NO B.S. marketing educator, Visionary Branding teacher, and certified high performance coach to the wellness and fitness industry.

This community is a one-stop shop for people, just like you, who want to grow the Vision of their Brand and the lifestyle they live.

This site is dedicated to making it easy for you to find the information, tools and strategies so you can grow your Brand more easily and effectively.

I'm here to share my discoveries with you, so you (and your family) can experience all the joy and adventure of living with more time, financial, people, location and purpose freedom!

By, stepping into our community, you can access my 7-Step F.I.T.N.E.S.Spreneur Formula system, so you can launch your Brand the right way and feel confident in your progress as you grow in the industry.

If that sounds solid to you, then choose the path that's right for you and grab your FREE copy of one of the free guide books or deluxe trainings I've created.

What Are Your Steps To Success?

The Fitnesspreneur’s Formula is a 7-step framework to progress you through the fundamental elements of success in the fitness and wellness industry's today.

Whether you are looking to make more money, nurture your brand, improve your marketing, scale your message online, or create a Visionary Brand, the Fitnesspreneur Formula is the systematic process to get it done.

7-Day Clear Vision Business Planner

7 days to define your vision to kick-start your business!

This simply effective training will remove your overwhelm of how to clearly map out businesses actions steps.

Imagine how much more impact, income and confidence you will have when you define your Vision, understand how to plan for success, and have clear action steps to follow. You’re just 7 days away from taking your business to the next level.

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Step-by-step system OF EFFECTIVE MARKETING

NEW! This definitive online fitness marketing playbook strips away your marketing confusion and overwhelm. It helps you define how to properly market your business to the exact people who will buy your products and services. Get more clients in your business and more income in your bank account by using this powerful play-by-play training system.

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Mini-courses for everything your business needs

How would you like to grab my personal collection of business growth checklists and action execution plans?

The Vault contains step-by-step mini-courses that cover business, marketing, social media, online growth, and high performance plans. Your new ‘Action Step’ plans make knowing how to grow your fitness business as simple as logging in, printing out some worksheets and following along with your trainings.

These are the exact systems I use to run my extremely profitable business. And you can too!

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Team Rockstar Fit

Join my team to kickstart your virtual fitness business

Want a done-for-you online fitness business with everything you need to expand your business? Including freeing up your time to deliver online coaching that makes you money in the mobile, social media and online worlds?

If so, you’ll want to become a member of the Hard Chargers Team. I will personally mentor you how to open a ‘franchise-like’ virtual studio from your home that includes everything a traditional brick and mortar studio would - minus the high overhead, staff headache and the location growth limits.

Why not find out if this exciting and motivation Team is the right step for you?

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Off the Floor Income

One-on-One strategy call with Vito

This exclusive strategy call with me will show you how to you leverage your expertise and time utilizing my 10 little-known 'FitnessPreneur’ strategies.

These will add money into your bank account, help your clients get better results, and grow your business. I’ll show you how to develop a high-end coaching program that can help you make money when you’re off the floor. Better yet, what you’ll learn in this call will allow you to work when and where you want, on any schedule you can dream up. If you’re sick and tired of working too hard for limited results, why not have me personally help you out?

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The Visionary Planning System

STEP-BY STEP online business building mastermind

Overwhelmed as you build the online component of your business? Not sure how to build it the right way? Not sure what tools and software to use? How to brand yourself? How to build a sales funnel and online presence that connects you with your Tribe and makes them want to buy your products and services?

If so, then this exclusive coaching program may be right for you. Each week you’ll get comprehensive step-by-step trainings and coaching. You’ll have total clarity on the exact steps and tools you need. You’ll also get personal feedback from me, and from the other members of this exciting program.

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Create Mobile App Fitness Challenges

This revolutionary app gets you in the mobile app fitness game without the need for expensive developers or confusing tech. A big secret to my success is engaging my Tribe using Mobile Challenges. Ready to initiate your own?

Choose from our easy to use templates or design your own mobile app fitness challenge in minutes. You can have your own app and launch as many online and mobile app fitness challenges as you can dream up. It’s the easiest way to engage your clients!

Imagine how many people you can coach from anywhere in the world? Don’t you agree you should free up your time so you can scale your business?

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  • "Thank you for sharing your knowledge, passion and energy! You are sincere and truly one of the best coaches I've had the pleasure of learning from. It's a special team...thank you for leading us ;) "
    Dianne Sykes
  • "Vito’s training has transformed me from fitness coach to a CEO. I have incredible clarity of where I want to go and what I need to do to get there...I know that I am in charge of my brand and feel confident to try new things knowing any failure will be a forward motion...NOW I'm a friggin' force of nature with tools to live ANYTHING I can dream up! I'm finally getting the hang of how I want to run my team. "
    April Krubel
  • "I have a much better sense of self awareness and I am constantly thinking about "is what I am doing right now, helping me move closer towards my goals?" You have instilled that in me and I know because of this way of thinking, I will be more productive with my time, leading towards big reward. "
    Mallory Burroughs
  • "Through Vito's coaching I received very PRACTICAL advice that basically has saved my fitness center."
    Dan Vukmirovich
  • "Vito, you never fail to deliver!"
    Jenya Panova